All of our used shipping, storage, cargo & refrigerated containers for sale are guaranteed wind, watertight and lockable. If you require a new container, we will obtain it for you.

At TCC we offer the following containers:

General Purpose – Steel Dry Cargo Container

This is the most versatile of all container types and can be used for storage and transport of a wide range of goods.

Size (ft.)20' Standard 40' Standard 40' High Cube
Length (m)5,898.0012,031.0012,031.00
Width (m)2,352.002,352.002,352.00
Height (m)2,394.002,394.002,698.00

Refrigerated Container [Reefer]

This container type is designed for the transport and storage of temperature controlled products.

Size (ft.)20' Standard 40' High Cube
Length (m)5,449.0013,544.00
Width (m)2,290.002,352.00
Height (m)2,244.002,698.00

All sizes above are approximate only.

Please contact our sales team for a brochure with recent pictures of projects.